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What do I have?          Why do I have it?          Where is it?


Our initial consultation consists of coming to your home to see the space(s) you would like to get organized. We LISTEN to you as you describe your goals and vision for the space. We talk with you about what is working, what is not working, and what is causing frustration. We then jointly decide on a plan to help you reach your goals.


There are 3 basic stages in our organizing process:

  1. Sorting - We will gather all items and sort into like categories.

  2. Culling - We will then assist you in deciding whether to keep, donate, trash, sell, gift, relocate or recycle your items. ECO will guide you through this process based on the vision you have defined in our initial walkthrough.

  3. Organize - Lastly, we will design and implement a plan for the items that are staying in your space, working with your defined vision.


Realizing that our client's needs vary, we customize a plan designed specifically for you. The process starts with the 3 basic stages and we build from there based on information gathered during the initial consultation. We provide you with manageable goals and practical strategies to get rid of clutter and maintain a clutter-free existence.





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